Week 1: Scale Revelations

So straight away my practise plans didn’t quite go to plan. I woke up and remembered I had a haircut. I then spent the day in town for some father-son bonding with my dad. But, as I mentioned before, I’m not going to be too harsh on myself for missing my practise goals. They may have even been slightly ambitious for my first week.

Instead, I have been watching some Steve Stine videos on YouTube. Specifically the hour-long live stream about modes. Now I always knew that the Ionian mode was essentially the major scale. However, listening to Steve explain it allowed me to realise my misconceptions about the scale. At heart, my problem is not knowing which chords in the scale are major, minor or diminished.

Another flaw in my understanding here is that it has become apparent that my knowledge of the notes on the fretboard is near enough inexistent. This is why I struggle to construct chords up and down the neck, and really struggle to improvise basic melodies over a backing track.

Overall, my current aim is to try to memorize the fretboard better and figure out the pattern within each scale to construct the major and minor chords (as well as the diminished). Maybe I will create a revision sheet that I can constantly refer to during practice, and it may sink in this way.

Anyway, as always keep on strummin’ 🙂




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