Week 2: Practise Preparation

I’ve been developing my understanding of modes and the major scale quite well this week, as well as really staying on top of my planned practise hours. I printed out the major scale shapes and stuck them on my wall, after making some minor additions because my printer ran out of colour and didn’t print the root notes. I also made two post-it notes. One of these notes was for the major scales (A-G) and the chords that work within each one. The other was for modes, and how the emphasis on certain notes is how the mode is formed.

Also, I recently discovered The Winery Dogs on YouTube and my lord was my mind BLOWN! Especially the song ‘Oblivion’ which has a super catchy bass and guitar melody and all-around kick-ass vibe! I’ve been listening to so much of their music on my commute to Uni all of this week.

My second semester of University started on Monday so time management has become essential. Had a field trip which was pretty cool but made Wednesdays practise hours a challenge as I didn’t get back until late. Met up with my friends again though which is always the best part of Uni for me 🙂

One last thing before I go! If any of you happen to notice a misconception or error in my posts when it comes to music theory then please comment and let me know. I will be super stoked to receive as much help from the community as possible, and it allows for some more interaction which is always fun 🙂 Also it will help me make corrections in my practice before these errors are further set in stone in my mind.

Many thanks and keep pluckin’ away 😉



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